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Winner of CN Group Customer Service Excellence Award 2015

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What our clients say...

"Great Level 2 training - very professional, lots of good information leading to flowing self teaching style. Good all round equipment, very appropriate and high standard. Lots of theory - got my brain working about the skills of the course. Brilliant technical info, lots of things to think about. The course made me realise what I am good at and what I need to do."

"Course very well delivered and coached, good atmosphere throughout and good knowledge. Received lots of information with ample opportunity for communication. Very good equipment and variety. A high level of information delivered to a high standard. Very good instruction with good clear reviews on all aspects. Highly recommended."

"Good mix of theory and practical – liked that the second weekend was more hands on. Flexible to the needs of those on the course.  Lots of opportunity to ask questions or get personal feedback."

"Good course, all theoretical stuff great, could have benefited more if I was paddling at a higher standard. Good well fitting kayaks to try and adjustable to understand connectivity. Learned a lot about how to coach and what to look for. Some good models of correct technical stuff to coach."

"Was not sure what to expect but what gained was top notch. Was very very good, clear justified and appropriate for grade."

"Learnt lots. Boats well fitted, plenty of equipment for everyone. Content of course was very good compared to other course providers, lots of technical knowledge explained clearly. "



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British Canoeing

Level 2 Paddlesport Coach Training

Coaching is a simple concept ‘make your students better paddlers. At Wild River we try to make this simple concept, simple in execution.

Water park Adventure Centre

  • Compare what your students do against what you know to be good technique
  • What are they doing that matches and what doesn’t
  • Find out why and fix it in a way that is appropriate for them and you.
  • Let them consolidate the new skill until it is reliable
  • Smile while you do it and everyone is happy

With a good basis of technical knowledge and practiced observation and analysis skills you can develop paddlers very quickly with skills that will last.

We believe that coaching is easy and that we can give you the tools to understand coaching in easy straightforward ways.

Over the 4 day training course you will:

  • Develop observation and analysis skills
  • Use task setting to observe or set practice
  • Use a variety of teaching tools to increase awareness or develop skill
  • Gather a much deeper understanding of the technical aspects of paddlesports
  • Deliver coaching sessions with the support of extremely knowledgeable coaches who will advise you when appropriate while allowing you to develop on your own
  • Improve you own paddling, technical knowledge  and self-coaching
  • Generate a clear action plan towards Level 2 assessment


We run a large number of British Canoeing Level 2 coach courses each year at a variety of venues. We pick these venues very carefully to make sure they help to make your progression to British Canoeing Level 2 Coach as smooth as possible.

Water park Adventure Centre

Water Park Lakeland Adventure Centre

Water Partk Coniston

Level 2 Coach Assessment Preparation

Following your Level 2 coach training you may find our Level 2 development sessions useful to prepare for your Level 2 coach assessment. If you would like to join one of our preparation sessions please see course calendars for dates of sessions or contact us.

Level 2 Preparation

Level2 Training
BCU Level 2 Coach Training


All candidates must register with British Canoeing for which there is a charge.

Non registered candidates cannot start the course.

  • Minimum age of 17
  • British Canoeing Level 1 Coach or ‘old’ British Canoeing Level 2 Trainee or above
  • British Canoeing 3 Star award old or new
  • New British Canoeing 2 star
  • British Canoeing Foundation Safety & Rescue (Canoe Safety Test is NOT suitable).

BCU CR form

Level 2 Observation Crib Sheet

Level 2 Session Observation Checklist

Level 2 Paddlesport Coach Course GuideLevel 2 Course Guide

Assessment Day Pack

Candidate Portfolio

Level 2 candidate support packCandidate Support Pack

Level 2 Workbook

Level 2 Portfolio Templates Candidate Portfolio Templates

Level 2 V1 Session PlannerV1 Session Planner and Self Reflection Forms

Level 2 V2 Session PlanV2 Session Plan and Reflection*

BCU Level 1 Session PlannerWR Session Planner

BCU Level 1 Session PlannerWR Session Planner

Environmental Definitions

2 star Manoeuvres2 Star Manoeuvres

*Requires MS Word 2010 or later to be able to enter data.

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